The Political Crisis in the Middle East

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Having sight of the Middle East in mind may lead one to the quagmire of series of coalesced issues that may lead one decade ago to find the traces. With the emergence of western powers into influence over all the world and their effort to reach the acme of economic wealth against the backdrop of colonization and robust industrialization within a century that followed by dusk over the Islamic civilization and fall of Ottoman Empire into many independent nation-states.

Moreover, in view of modern geopolitical conflicts at political arena of Middle East in shape of clashes and contests, whether it be over the fate of Iran nuclear deal or it is over the Qatar blockage from the rest of allied block consisting Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt among others or it is the crisis over Yemen.

In a similar vein, the crisis within the middle east span to the wider extent that includes the issue of long carried war over Syria involving many players at the savage altercation. Besides, the Palestinian issue which started back a century ago has taken a gruesome turn under Israel’s attempt to claim the land towards the west bank. Which certainly has caused myriads of forced settlements and exodus of Palestinians from the land they were settled over through the centuries.

This all comes along intermittent brutal episodes of military aggression over the land by Israeli Occupational Military force. Matter over the political crisis aggravates, even more, when it comes to talking proxy war fought over the Arabian land between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran, where the interest of both sides is vested and contested to have it secured through patronizing armed militia or by spreading radicalization between Arabian clans.

In view of events that caused ruckus spread out throughout the Middle East was one started in the form of anti-government protests that rocked Tunisia in December 2010 which spread into what is known as Arab Spring, which had taken the shape of Arab wide pro-democracy protest that ended up toppling of governments in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and Libya.

In a whole episode, the platform which was deemed as the reason for spread out protests was social media, that caused the waves of rebellion against autocratic reigns spread into Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordon, Egypt and Syria as well, which ultimately sparked an immense political crisis in the political arena of Middle East.

Moreover, in the contemporary past, the issue of grave importance in limelight was the murder of Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was brutally decimated at Saudi Consulate in Turkey that still is the matter of discussion in power lounges of west and USA that implies the desire to hold crown prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad Bin Salman accountable for the murder charge of turkey-based Saudi Journalist.

The investigation carried out in quest of finding the culprit has even caused the diplomatic spat among Turkey and Saudi Arabia, where President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reserves keep desire in taking the man involved behind the killing to justice.

In short, the overall situation of the middle east is worrisome. The crisis has led to poor drug control, healthcare, education, and other basic necessities of citizens. The governments must act and take measures to improve the situation as soon as possible.

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